Lose weight through a warm bath  

One day will be rid of tiredness when you step foot into the bathroom. soak in a warm bath to relax not only help you eliminate the stress is making you tired early but also helps promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, promoting fat decomposition, weight loss better. So AM Weigh Loss will share some information about this
Bathing is not simply activities help clean the body but it can also help you lose weight extremely effective because the mechanism of action of warm water over your body.

Warm bath / hot will help blood circulation, promote respiratory system, helps to soften the fat layer under the skin and accelerate the process of burning fat. Thus, each day you just need 10 minute soak in a tub of warm water, with a little oil to a warm bath or shower will help you say goodbye to a significant amount of fat.

Bathroom how to weight loss effectively?

You need to pay attention to adjust the water temperature in the shower at around 38 - 40 ° C and bathe 1.5 hours after a meal. Should you soak too long in hot water. About the best time for you is approximately 12-20 minutes. You can relax a bit and then use a good absorbent towel dry type, rappelling, then massage slimming cream body Revitalite. Warm temperatures are stored in the body to help better absorption of nutrients cream.

You pay attention to add water to the body because the body bath losing a lot of water, so after a bath, it’s best to drink warm water.


Water level:



How to lose weight the best way according to this method is your warm bath water level should be maintained between the heart back down, like a half soaking in the tub. Thus, we can make the body parts under a proper pressure, combined with efficient hot water after a shower and the effect of body slimming massage cream Revitalite will help you burn a significant amount of excess fat matter.

Combined with massage

You do not just soak right into the tub because it can cause pressure on the heart. You should make your body wet before, this is essential for obese people. In the shower, when combined with the mobilization of such simple stretching and massaging his back, arms and legs, lift the foot, hand, foot massage, buttocks, waist … it will be more effective weight loss better.

If you have too much work to be solved every day, and you also want my weight went down to an ideal level, it is best that you take a tub with warm water. It’s not the flying dirt, adhesive substance on skin aging but also may drain excess fat to lose weight fast.


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